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Preparing for the Entrance Exam

While the selective school entrance exam is challenging for students, the following information will help you and your child prepare in advance.

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Answering Your Questions

When is the exam?

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Apps Close: Friday 13 May 2022

The date for the entrance examination is planned for Saturday 23 July 2022.

What is in the exam?

The entrance exam is made up of both ability tests and achievement tests. There are five tests in total and the examination takes about three hours to complete. The exam is as follows:

Ability Tests

  • Verbal Reasoning (multiple choice, 30 minutes)
  • Numerical Reasoning (multiple choice, 30 minutes)

20 minute break

Achievement Tests

  • Reading Comprehension (multiple choice, 30 minutes)
  • Mathematics (multiple choice, 30 minutes)
  • Persuasive OR creative writing* (writing task, 30 minutes plus 5 minutes planning time)
    * Whether or not students are presented with a persuasive or creative writing task varies from year to year, with all students required to complete the same task in any given year.

Are there practice tests?

Yes, practice tests are available here. These practice tests cover all the six test areas, including verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, reading comprehension, mathematics, creative writing and persuasive writing. The practice test should take about three hours to complete.

How can I prepare my child for the exam?

Practice tests aside, here are some ways that you can help your child feel prepared and calm in advance of the exam:

  • ensure your child has a good night’s sleep
  • don’t place unnecessary pressure to perform on your child; it may create anxiety and affect their results
  • try and stay as relaxed as possible to help your child to relax
  • make sure that you and your child have realistic expectations of their exam performance prior to sitting the tests

It is not unusual for students to only answer half the questions correctly and many do not finish the tests. Remember, these tests are designed to determine high ability and high-achieving students. Also, the entrance tests are designed in such a way that not all students may finish all the questions, so you and your child should not panic if this is the case.

What should you bring to the exam?

Students must bring photo ID to the exam, such as:

  • A student card issued by the candidate’s current school
  • A current student travel card
  • A recent class photograph (with the student and his/her name clearly shown)
  • A recent passport
  • A current library card (with photograph)
  • A photo that has been signed by the student’s school and has the school stamp

When will I hear about the exam results?

Offers for all four selective schools will be sent via email from mid August 2021. Late offers may continue until November 2021. Reports on your child’s performance will be sent in August 2021. All offers will contain instructions about how to accept by the closing date provided. Responses must be sent to the selective entry unit, not to individual schools.

How many times can my child sit the test?

Students may only sit the entry test in Year 8 once; however, each of the selective schools offer limited entry through vacant positions in Year 10 and 11. Testing dates are advertised on the individual school websites each year.