Frequently Asked Questions · Victorian Selective Entry High Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

For all your questions about applying for the Selective Entry High Schools exam, including dates, eligibility and fees, find the answers here. To find out what is on the exam, and to access practice exams and preparation tips, go here.

What are the Victorian Selective Entry High Schools and where are they located?

The four selective entry schools in Victoria are:

How does the selection process work?

A centralised selection process is used whereby every applicant must sit the entry examination. While each school fills 85% of its Year 9 enrolment based on a student’s performance in the exam, there are a range of variables that may affect final offers each year. These include:

  • Variable entry score from year to year depending on the demand for places at the school and the scores achieved by those students who have listed the school as their first preference.
  • Only a maximum of 4% of students in Year 8 from any one school can be accepted into a selective entry high school. Students currently enrolled in an interstate or overseas school are treated as discrete school cohorts, with an average Year 8 enrolment figure used to determine the number of places available.
  • Up to 10% of enrolments are filled through the Equity Consideration category.
  • Up to 5% of the enrolment will be filled through the Principal’s Discretion category.

How do the preferences work?

You can list a maximum of three preferences for the Selective Entry High Schools on the application for the exam. If your child qualifies for more than one school, you will only be offered the highest preference for which your child qualifies. When you are considering your preferences, make sure you take into account the location of each school and travel times. It’s a good idea to do your research and explore each school via their open days and individual websites.

Can I change my list of preferences?

If you want to change the preferences listed in your original application, you must do so in writing before (date to be advised) by email to the Selective Entry Unit: No change in preferences will be considered after this date.

Can I transfer my offer from one school to another Selective Entry High School?

If you receive an offer for a place at one of the Selective Entry High Schools, it is not transferable to another school.

How do I change my child’s application details?

If you need to change any application details, such as your child’s name, postal address, email address or current school, you must inform the Selective Entry Unit by email:

Can I withdraw my application?

If you wish to withdraw your application, you must inform the Selective Entry Unit in writing at An administration fee of $45 will be kept if an application is cancelled before (date to be advised). There is no refund if an application is withdrawn after this date.

What if my child has accessibility needs for the exam?

Special arrangements for the exam can be organised for students (e.g. wheelchair access or materials for visually impaired students). Requests for special arrangements must be made at the time of application.

When will offers be made?

Places in the selective entry high schools are offered in rounds – the first round of offers is distributed in early August each year. In 2023, the first round of offers will be sent via email (date to be advised). Applicants who receive a first round offer will have until (date to be advised) to accept or decline this offer. Instructions on how to accept or decline the offer will be included in the email.

How do I respond to an offer for a Selective Entry High School?

All offers will be sent via email and will contain instructions on how to accept the offer by the closing date provided. You must respond to the Selective Entry Unit, not to individual schools. If you decline the offer on behalf of your child or do not respond by the closing date, the offer will go to another student. Offers can be accepted but enrolments will not be finalized until after the official application to enrol form has been processed by the individual school.