Victorian Selective Entry High Schools

Unique Opportunities. Exceptional Futures.

When you choose a Victorian Selective Entry High School, you are ensuring your child has the opportunity for an exceptional education at one of only four schools exclusively designed for academically talented students. As proud government schools, each school has a unique approach and a shared purpose in nurturing excellence in young adults from Year 9-12.

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Why Selective Entry?

We offer accessible education for high ability students

The Victorian Selective Entry High Schools provide an accessible platform for high ability and academically talented students across Victoria. As proud government state schools, we remove the economic barriers so that talented students from all backgrounds can achieve academic excellence. Our education is truly affordable.

We succeed with exceptional university entrance rates

Beyond high school, tertiary study is crucial for shaping the future lives of our young adults. The Victorian Selective Entry High Schools’ emphasis on academic excellence ensures students find their ideal path beyond high school. As a result, close to 100% of our students take up university entrance. We’re proud that our students are accepted at top institutions across Australia and the globe.

We provide inclusive education for all

We are committed to providing a leading education for all academically talented students across Australia. Our schools welcome students from a diverse range of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. We emphasise progressive values in regards to gender, race and ethnicity. Each and every day we honour the individual pathway of each student in an inclusive and respectful manner.

We have proven 90+ ATAR results

Each of the Victorian Selective Entry High Schools has a tailored VCE curriculum that fosters our students’ talents. This curriculum is led by experienced teachers who know how to cultivate gifted learners. As a result, our VCE students achieve excellent results. This is demonstrated by over 80% of our students excelling with an ATAR of above 90. Each year we continue to garner outstanding scores.

We create tomorrow’s leaders

Today’s students shape our future. That’s why we cultivate dynamic, intelligent and inspiring young adults who play a vital role in our society. Many of our students have continued on to successful leadership roles in medical, judicial, academic, civic, cultural, the creative arts and vocational realms. By providing an outstanding education, as well as excellent opportunities beyond the classroom, we nurture the careers of the world’s future leaders.

We provide dynamic co-curricular activities

We recognise that students have diverse interests that are an important complement to their academic life. We believe the activities our students engage in shape them into well-rounded young adults. That’s why we offer a vibrant array of co-curricular activities at each of our selective schools, including sports, drama, music, debating, leadership, community service, outdoor activities and many more. Our co-curricular programs meet the first-rate standards of an well rounded education.

We expand horizons with local and global opportunities

From school camps to army cadets and exhilarating international exchange programs, our selective schools provide numerous opportunities for students to develop, grow and learn beyond the classroom. The opportunities we offer our students match top schools across the country. As a result, our students continue to thrive, strive and reach for their very best.